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Spondylosis Treatement In Pune

  • Spondylosis – मणक्याचे आजार
    • Spondylosis Treatement in Pune provide treatment on all type of spondylosis. It is the term alluding to degenerative osteoarthritis of joints between the vertebra and neural foramen. The run of the mill bring down back or neck torment, likewise solid shortcoming, shivering sensation, deadness, limited forward twisting weight in upper or lower appendages.

      Types of Spondylosis

      Types of spondylosis consist of Cervical Spondylosis, Lumbar Spondylosis, Ankylosing spondylitis. We provide spondylosis treatment in Pune.

      Cervical Spondylosis – Brachial Neuritis / विश्वाची

      Cervical spondylitis is additionally referred to as cervical osteoarthritis.

      The symptoms of cervical spondylitis

      • Neck stiffness and pain
      • Headache that may originate in the neck
      • Pain in the shoulder or arms
      • Inability to fully turn the head or bend the neck, sometimes interfering with driving
      • Grinding noise or sensation when the neck is turned

      If cervical spondylitis leads to pressure on the spinal cord (cervical stenosis), it will place pressure on the spinal cord, a condition referred to as cervical myelopathy.

      Symptoms of cervical spondylitis with myelopathy

      • Tingling, numbness, and/or weakness in the arms, hands, legs, or feet
      • Lack of coordination and difficulty walking
      • Abnormal reflexes
      • Muscle spasms
      • Loss of control over bladder and bowel (incontinence)

      Lumbar Spondylosis - Sciatica - गुध्रसी

      The term torment use to mean any torment beginning in lower back and going towards leg. Extraordinarily to mean a nerve brokenness brought about by pressure of at least one lumbar sacral nerve root by spinal plate herniation. Pain is typically shooting sort, rapidly going along the course of the nerve.

      Ankylosing spondylitis / Bamboo spine

      Inclined age gather 20 to 30 yrs. Sign and Symptoms – shows up bit by bit with interminable dull torment in lower back or gluteal district. Consolidate with early morning solidness and extreme torment, at last loss of spinal motility. With trunk extension with a restriction of front flexion, parallel flexion and development of lumbar spine. On examination HLA B27 is certain.

      Spondylosis Treatment in Pune


  • Treatment
    • In Ayurveda treatment there are four basic forms, those are

      • Medicine or Drug therapy
      • Panchakarma
      • Dietary regimen and
      • Regulation of lifestyle.

      And works in two fundamental ways – cure and prevention.


      Spondylosis Treatement in Pune provide treatment on all type of spondylosis.


      A physical advisor can show you activities to help extend and fortify the muscles in your neck and shoulders. A few people with cervical spondylosis advantage from the utilization of footing, which can help give more space inside the spine if nerve roots are being squeezed.


      Your specialist may prescribe attempting needle therapy to decrease your agony. Needle therapy is best given by an authorized needle therapy specialist.


      In the event that traditionalist treatment falls flat or if your neurological signs and manifestations — for example, shortcoming in your arms or legs — intensify, you may require surgery to make more space for your spinal line and nerve roots.

      The surgery may include

      • Removing a herniated plate or bone goads
      • Removing some portion of a vertebra
      • Fusing a section of the neck utilizing bone join and equipment
  • Specialized Panchakarma Therapy (पंचकर्म उपचार)
    • Advantage of panchakarma

      • Purifies the entire system
      • Diseases are uprooted and can be eradicated with no reoccurrence
      • Improves performance of agni including dhathwagni
      • Acquires the vyadhikshamatwa (immunity)
      • Repairs the structural and functional damage of body caused by the diseases.
      • Tendency as vitiation and mitigation of doshas (even though it is natural) can be normalized.
      • Srothas (channels of body fluids) becomes clear and this activates the transport of rasadhathu and there by enriches its inherent preenanakarma [rejuvenation].
      • Koshta (elementary tract) becomes clear and thus koshtangas becomes activated and thereby felicitates co- ordination.
      • Activates ekadasha indriyas.
      • Gives absolute and quick relief from chronic diseases.
      • Purifies navadwara

      panchakarma treatment' is executed in five ways.

      • Bowel purge treatment: – it is best for vatha lopsidedness.
      • Purgation treatment: – best for pitha lopsidedness.
      • Emesis treatment: – for kapha lopsidedness.
      • Nasal drops: – for all ailments over the neck.
      • Phlebotomy – best to remove blood pollutions.

      Phases of treatment

      To begin with stage : This incorporates the outside and interior application oils taken after with fomentation or sudation. by this the lopsided doshas held up in the feeble parts of the channels are melted and slackened.

      • Pachana
      • Dipana
      • Snehana
      • Swedana

      Principle or second stage : In this stage the released and condensed doshas are ousted out of the body by the suitable purifactory technique.

      • vamana
      • virechana
      • anuvasana
      • asthapana
      • nasya
      • rakthamokshan

      Post treatment: This incorporates the regimens to be rehearsed after the refinement. This is for the most part expected to expand the stomach related fire.

      • Dhumapana
      • Kabala graham
      • Gandusha
      • Sansarjana karma
      • Utilization of samana oushadha
      • Rasayana aushadi.


      • Sanchayam – gathering
      • Prakopam – exacerbation
      • Prasaram – spread
      • Sthanasamsrayam – limitation
      • Vyakthi – appearance
      • Bhedam – disturbed complexity.

      Disclaimer- Above information is not by any referral book or text book. This is our act to give our experienced information about health to a common man in his own language.