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Respiratory Disorders Treatment In Pune

  • Rhinitis – प्रतिश्याय / सर्दी
    • Rhinitis / coryza is irritation and inflammation of the mucus membrane inside the nose.

      Common Sign & Symptoms

      • Stuffy nose
      • Runny nose
      • Sneezing
      • Post nasal drip


  • Asthma – तमकश्वास / श्वासरोग / दमा
    • Symptoms

      In today's stressful modern urbanized living incidence of asthma is considerably increasing. It is the most common disorder of respiratory track.

      Common Sign & Symptoms

      • Dyspnea – difficulty while breathing
      • Bronchitis is a main Symptom
      • Rhinitis
      • Upper respiratory track infection
      • Attacks of asthma called as status asthamaticus are most commonly seen at night or after heavy exercise. Symptoms are more while sleeping or supine position and it reduces while sitting position.



      In Ayurveda Treatment Snehana or oil massage is the basic remedy after snehana swedana or hot fomentation is necessary.

      Medicine which are used mostly are of Kapha dhoshaghna and Vata doshaghna like swasa kasa chintamani , Dashmularistha,kanakasav are usefull.

      Rasayana :

      Chausasthi Pippali rasayanay is best for non recurrence.