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Obesity Treatment in Pune

  • Common Cause
    • "अव्यायामात् दिवास्वप्नात् मेद्यानां चाति भक्षणात् !
      मेदोवाहिनी दुष्यंति भुक्त्वां च स्वपतां दिवाम् !!" चरक चिकित्सा ५ / २३
      "अचिंतया हर्षणेन ध्रुवं संतर्पणेन च !
      नित्यस्वप्नप्रसंगाच्च नरो वराह इव पुष्यति !!"

      • Genetic
      • Overeating –diet habbit
      • Calorie rich diet
      • Frequency of eating.
      • Psycological factor
      • Disease- Hypothyroidism, insulin resistance, PCOD, Cushing syndrome.
      Weight Loss | Obesity Treatment in Pune

      Common Cause

  • Sign and Symptoms
    • "अल्पे अपि चेष्टिते श्वासं स्फिक् स्तन् उदरलंबनम् ! वाग्भट सुत्रस्थान ११/१०"

      • Extra fat deposition over abdomen, buttock, chin
      • Loss of libido
      • unpleasant body small and excessive sweating.
      • Poor sexual performance
      • Increase hunger and thirst
      • Difficulty in breathing while walking a smaller distance
      • Mental confusion, loss of vitality
      • Difficulty in walking
  • Treatment
    • "गुरु चापतर्पणं चेष्टं स्थूलानां कर्षणं प्रति" – च.सू.२१/२०
      " वातघ्नान्यन्नपानानि श्लेष्ममेदोहराणि च !
      रुक्षोष्णो बस्तयस्तिक्ष्णा रुक्षाण्युव्द्रर्तनानि च !! च.सू.२१/२१
      प्रजागरं व्यवायं च व्यायामं चिन्तनानि च !
      स्थौल्यमिच्छन्परित्यक्तुं क्रमेणाभिप्रवर्धौयेत् !! च.सू.२१/२८"


      Shree special diet plan.


      • Increases agni which melts the extra body fats,also improve digestion.
      • Drug Mainly Use -bitter in taste like bitterguard, neem, aloevera, cow's urine and best drug of choice is shilajeet, lekhaniya gana, vidangadi loha, mustadi kashaya etc these remedies are used in treatment of obesity.


      • Snehana-with ruksha, ushna, gunadharma tailam.
      • Sarvanga Svedana : Kafa vataghna drug, dry sweda, udhvartana, according to sushruta is a body tonning programme with application of combination of prescribed herbal powder and oil on the entire body. It is used in the treatment to get fairness and strengthen the body, at the same time preventing the body from getting too dry and rough in the whole process. Udvartana can be used to loose weight, improve skin complexion, de-stress and relax with the help of natural full body exfoliation treatment.
      • Vamana : Main cause of weight gain is kafa dosha. It is the best and basic treatment for kafa and medo dhatu.(causative agent for obesity). Vamana - is therapeutic vomiting which is a medicated emesis therapy._ (see details on panchakarma page).
      • Virechana : virechana is medicated purgation therapy which melts lower body fats and doshas. For details show panchakarma therapy.
      • Basti : Basti karma concentrates on the elimination of the loosened vata doshas out through the rectum. Lekhana basti and cow's urine basti are the essential treatment for obesity
      Weight Loss | Obesity Treatment in Pune

      Obesity Treatment