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Diabetes Treatment In Pune

"प्रकर्षेण प्रभूतं,प्रचुरं वारंवारं वा मेहती,मूत्रत्यागं करोति यस्मिन रोगे स प्रमेहः "
According to ayurveda a disease in which there is a frequent urination or polyuria with high quantity also nocturia.
According to Ayurveda a disease in which there is a frequent urination or polyuria with high quantity also nocturia. Diabetes is usually a lifelong disease in which there is a high level of sugar in the blood .

  • Types
    • Shree Ayurved and Panchakarma Hospital’s, Diabetes Treatment in Pune provide treatments on all type of diabetes.

      Type 1 diabetes

      It occurs at any stage of age, but it is most often found in children, teens, or young adults. Body does not digest sugar in blood for proper function. The exact cause is unknown.

      Type 2 diabetes

      Body does not produce enough insulin for proper function. Approximately 90% of all cause diabetes worldwide is of this type. It is mostly common in adulthood but because of obesity rates teens and younger are now being diagnosed with it. Many people with type 2 do not know they have it.

      Diabetes as per Ayurveda is a kaphaj vyadhi. The kapha dosha is increased in body by having food like curd, milk and milk products, jaggery and its products, newly generated grains (within 1 year) and lazy life style.

      Major hazard variables for DM sort 2 which is most ordinarily observed are as per the following

      • Family history of sort 2 DM
      • Weight
      • Chronic physical movement.
      • History of gestational DM
      • High BP
      • PCOS
      Diabetes Treatment in Pune

      Types of Diabetes

  • Symptoms
    • Symptoms

      • Burning and tingling sensations over palm and sole.
      • Excess thirst, hunger. fatigue
      • Frequent urination
      • Weight loss/ weight gain
      • Sweetness of mouth.
      • Increased excretory material of eyes, ears, etc
      • male sexual dysfunction
      Diabetes Treatment in Pune

      Blood Sugar Test

  • Complications
    • Complications

      • CVS Disorders ,Neuropathy, retinopathy.
      • diabetic foot
      • Hearing impairment
      • Alzheimer's disease
      • Loss of Libido
  • Diet and Lifestyle Advice
      • Incorporate entire grains in the eating routine, for example, wheat bread/pasta and dark colored rice.
      • Cheddar and yogurt arranged with skimmed (nonfat) drain might be taken.
      • Utilize garlic, onion, severe gourd, spinach, crude banana, and dark plum.
      • Make a flour blend of 1 section grain, 1 section dark chickpeas, and 4 sections entire wheat flour and utilize this to shape hotcakes and bread.
      • Maintain a strategic distance from sweet, harsh, and salty sustenances, potatoes, sweet potatoes, colocasia (taro), yams, crisp grains and heartbeats (vegetables), entire yogurt (high in fat), and overwhelming, slick and hot nourishments.
      • Maintain a strategic distance from sweet organic products like pineapple, grapes, mangoes, and so forth.
      • Begin doing some light exercise, for example, energetic strolling. Develop to an energetic stroll of 30-40 minutes in the morning and again at night.
      • Abstain from dozing in the daytime as it increments Kledaka Kapha.
  • Treatment
    • Treatment

      Diabetes Treatment in Pune’s, Shree Ayurveda provides treatments on diabetes are: treatment of diabetes is for the most part in view of the contribution of doshas and the individual's prakruti.

      Treatment for the most part includes

      • Herbal solutions
      • Panchakarma (body decontamination strategy)
      • Dietary changes
      • way of life changes for sound way of life
      • Practice yoga and pranayam

      In Ayurveda taking after Herbs are useful to keep up sugar levels Haridra, jambhulbeej, madhunashini, karvellak, bilva, guduchi, aamlaki, tulshi, latakaranj beej, saptachakra, shuddha guggul, saptaparna, kutaj, shilajit, and so forth.


      • Panchakarma is Ayurveda's essential refinement and detoxification treatment.
      • In ayurveda panchakarma systems like basti and virechana are said in treatment of DM.
      • It is valuable to keep up glucose levels
      • These panchakarma are additionally valuable in confusions of DM.

      Advantages of these panchakarma in DM are as per the following

      Abhyang and Swedan Therapy for Diabetics

      Diabetes Treatment in Pune provides Abhyang and Swedan Therapy for Diabetics.

      In Type 1 and Type 2 diabetic patients can get all advantage from the unwinding impacts of abhyang treatment.

      Everybody realizes that living with diabetes includes a specific measure of stress. Furthermore, this anxiety tends to raise glucose levels.

      Abhyang is helpful in soothing anxiety, notwithstanding for pre-diabetics. It is helpful in unwinding muscles and, all of which results it might be said of prosperity. This enhances flow which additionally causes expanded glucose retention and the measure of medicines required for weakened glucose levels likewise diminished.

      Swedan to adjust the doshas, sweda or cured home grown steam shower opens the pores and flushes and purges the framework through skin and the poisons are discharged through sweat.

      Basti for diabetics

      Diabetes Treatment in Pune provides Basti for diabetics. One of the fundamental methodology of Panchakarma Chikitsa, Basti karma focuses on the end of poisons of the body through the rectum. The treatment includes the presentation of Therapeutic substances, for example, sedated oil and decoctions in a fluid medium into the butt-centric area of the patient by utilizing elastic catheter under the supervision of master specialist.

      Virechana for diabetic patient

      Diabetes Treatment in Pune provides Virechana for diabetic patient. Virechana is cured purgation treatment which expels poisons from the body that are collected in the liver and gallbladder. In this strategy for detoxification and sanitization, the doshas are evacuated as excrement through the rectum. After ghrutpan laxative solutions given to the patient orally which help to cut down the doshas. It totally purifies the gastro-intestinal tract. It is a sheltered strategy without reactions. Advantages of Virechana help to treat Diabetes, Digestive issue, Constipation, Hyperacidity.

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