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Garbhasanskar Treatement In Pune


Garbhasanskar Treatment in Pune provides treatment for garbhasanskar.

Sanskar changes the first property to better one. It intends to upgrade or change the property for improvement!

Everyday life is extremely occupied! A large number of us have just a single or two kid and we attempt to give them every single best thing to make them immaculate is all perspectives. We give them all great Sanskar after birth then why don't we begin it from pregnancy?

Garbha Sanskar has been demonstrated exceptionally useful. A great many couples are encountering it then why not? We characterize Garbha Sanskar as enhancing aggregate Physical, Mental, Emotional, Health and Intelligence.

  • Garbhasanskar Procedure
    • Pre Conceiving (Beej Sanskar)

      Preparing (Future) Parents
      • Both should know about our reproductive system.
      • Prakruti Parikshan of both
      • Panchakarma, Rasayan, Vajikaran, Medicines
      • Yogopchar and Meditation
      • Diet Guidance
      Garbhadhan Sanskar
      • Mating (the right way, time, environment etc.)
      • For better child is all aspects – Physical, Mental and Sanskar
      Garbhasanskar Treatment in Pune

      Seminar Give Dr. Prashant

      During Pregnancy (Garbha Sanskar)

      It starts from conception till delivery.

      • Garbhini Paricharya (Mother's Lifestyle)
      • Dietary (Aahariya)
      • Lifestyle – Do's and Don'ts (Vihariya)
      • Mansik (Emotional – Healing)
      • Yoga and Meditation
      • Colour and Aroma therapy
      • Cosmetic Care
      • Monthly Checkup and Medicinal treatment (Masanumasik Chikitsa). Treating disorder in pregnancy.
      • Mother and foetus as well as Father and foetus interaction
      • Music Therapy for both mother and foetus to relieve stress anxiety and cool down mind
      • Individual training program
      • Mental preparation and information for normal and easy delivery.
      • Delivery Counseling
      Garbhasanskar Treatment in Pune

      During Pregnancy (Garbha Sanskar)

      After Delivery (Prenatal Care)

      • Feeding Baby
      • Both should attend
      • Baby Oiling and Bathing Baby
      • Mother's Snehan (massage) and Dhoopan
      • Sanskar on born Baby
      • Diet of Baby
      Garbhasanskar Treatment in Pune

      Garbha Sanskar and Yoga Hall