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Physiotherapy Treatment in Pune | Physiotherapist in Pune

Physiotherapist in Pune / Physiotherapy Treatment in Pune provides services of Physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy is otherwise called non-intrusive treatment, restoration. Physiotherapy is a practice that exploits exceptional activities and other physical media, for example, warmth and cool, ultrasound, power, water (hydro) and so forth to give treatment and treatment to prepare muscles, bones and different segments of body should be adaptable.

  • How We Treat Our Clients
    • At Shree Ayurveda’s Physiotherapist in Pune / Physiotherapy Treatment in Pune we are exceedingly gifted and experienced physiotherapists who are qualified in the utilization of an exceptionally wide scope of medications to enable you to accomplish your objectives

      Case medicines include

      • Joint control and activation
      • Delicate tissue and myofascial discharge
      • Acupuncture
      • Exercise hospital based restoration
      • Restoration pilates
      • Sports knead
      • Ergonomic examination and counsel
      • Sports taping
      • Post-agent restoration
  • Physiotherapy Treatments Done At Shree
    • Physiotherapy Treatments Done At Shree

      • All kinds of Arthritis problems
      • All kinds of Spondylosis problems
      • Post Operative Exercises
      • Paralysis
      • All Neuro Muscular and Musculo Skeleta Disorder
      • Weight Reduction
      • Stress Management
      • Joint Replacement Exercise
      • After Stroke (CVA)
      • Counseling
      Physiotherapy Treatment in Pune


  • Electrotherapy Done At Shree
    • Electrotherapy Done At Shree

      • Cervical and Lumbar Traction
      • Shortwave Diathermy (S.W.D.)
      • Inter Ferential therapy (IFT)
      • Muscular and Nerve Stimular
      • Ultrasound therapy
      • Wax bath therapy
      • Teans
      physiotherapy Treatment in Pune